Twenty-five years ago, our family, the Lopez de la Osa's, founded the first biodynamic estate in the Ribera Del Duero region of Spain. Having been traditional winemakers for over a century, our philosophy of preservation directed us to create completely organic vineyards.

In biodynamic vine agriculture no chemicals can be used, which 'forces' the plant to protect itself naturally. In order to ensure their defense organically, vines self-generate a surplus of Resveratrol. After years of laboratory research at our estate in Peñafiel, we have discovered and patented a process allowing us to increase the quantity of Resveratrol in our grapes by 10%.

A French woman, entrepreneur, and mother of 5 is the creative force behind VIÑALI. Our Founder & CEO's background in the skincare industry allowed Marie-Sixtine to see the potential of the Lopez de la Osa family's pioneering research of the vine’s antioxidant powers, and create a unique line of organic products, revolutionary in its simplicity. VIÑALI was born.

As a nod to our winemaking heritage, all VIÑALI packaging bears our founder's signature, just as our wine bottles were hand-signed by our Family's Matriarch, Paloma Escribano.


VIÑALI's flagship active ingredient is a polyphenol found in vine stalks, which acts as a potent antioxidant and free radical scavenger. Free radicals are eliminated from the surface of the skin, which becomes firmer, smoother, and protected. Wrinkles are blurred and cells start to self-regenerate. Grape Resveratrol is the perfect component of natural anti-aging skincare.



We've replaced water, traditionally the main ingredient used in skincare products with antioxidant organic grape water which contains essential oils, mineral salts, and natural nutrients found in the plant. Organic grape water acts as a "co-active element" to enhance the fruit's antioxidant powers, it activates cell regeneration by shielding the skin from environmental stress and efficiently prevents skin aging.

We believe in using a minimal number of superior and sustainable active ingredients that really work. Nourishing, anti-aging, recovering formulas that are proven to address concerns such as dryness, breakouts, redness, and wrinkles. 

Our products work for all skin types, sensitive skin, and atopic skin as well as all ages.



All formulas in our product line are based on organic ingredients, that respect both the skin and the environment and are packed with healing antioxidants and vitamins that can actually penetrate the skin, resulting from our years of research. We uphold strict European standards for clean skincare, which automatically means our products will never contain anything harmful to skin and body. 

Airless packaging prevents excessive exposure to air and the sugarcane-derived bioplastic tubes that we use are both recyclable and industrially compostable.