with Grape Pips & Organic Grape Water



Scrub soap that cleans and protects the skin thanks to antioxidants concentrated in the grape extracts. The small carefully selected grape pips allow a gentle face exfoliation.  Olive oil enriched, it leaves the skin moisturized and delicately scented. For all skin types, dry in particular.



  • Grape Pips: The small grape pips clean and eliminate dead cells from the superficial layer of the skin. The skin becomes smooth and free from impurities, ready for proper hydration and active ingredient penetration.

Scrub Bar Soap 100 g

SKU: 0005
  • Exfoliation eliminates embedded impurities and dead cells that gather on the surface of the skin.


    We recommend one exfoliation per week for dry skins, and three to four per week for oily skins.

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