with Grape Seed Oil & Organic St. John’s Wort


Dry oil from Vino-Cosmetics, rich in antioxidant vitamin E. This active ingredient, combined with the soothing and repairing effect of St. John’s wort, helps the skin to recover its elasticity and vitality. The skin feels smooth, revitalized and radiant.



  • Grape Seed Oil: Grape seeds have powerful antioxidant effects and act as free radical scavengers. They also provide softness and radiance to the skin.


  • St John’s Wort: Repairs small wounds and accelerates healing. Ideal complement for repairing damaged skin.


  • Wheat Germ Oil: Skin regenerator, ideal for mature or very dry skins.



Dry Facial Oil 30 ml

SKU: 0002
  • Apply on face, neck and décolleté preferably at night. Apply pure or mixed with VIÑALI Soin Visage Jour, all year round, or according to your skin’s needs. Avoid direct sun exposure after application.

    Before using Soin Visage Jour, the skin needs cleansing with Savon Naturel VIÑALI to ensure deep penetration of all active ingredients.

    Once the skin is perfectly clean, apply a drop of oil on the forehead, cheeks and chin. Massage in circles, always from the middle of the face outward, until the oil has completely soaked in. Start from the nose to the cheeks and upper lip, and finish on the chin. Smooth the forehead, starting at the eyebrows and towards the hairline.

    To complete the routine, do not forget circular ascendant and descendant movements on the neck and décolleté.”

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