A relaxing aroma

Its 100% natural rose and spice fragrance, blended with a touch

of mint and green herbs, invites you to relax after a long day. Its

inviting aroma, combined with a relaxing massage, are a treat

to all senses.

• A massage at body temperature

Once the candle is off, the massage oil will keep its optimum

temperature for 15 minutes. The heat sensation of the liquid

wax during the massage increases the candle's soothing


• A texture rich in Resveratrol and Sweet Almond Oil

The Bougie de Massage, made with grape extracts rich in Resveratrol,

provides all the antioxidant benefits of grape oil. Detoxified, your skin's

ability to regenerate increases. Its high sweet almond oil content allows a deep hydration.

Candle Massage 200 ml

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  • To begin the VIÑALI experience, light the wick and allow thr candle to burn for approximately 10 minutes, releasing its unique scent and oil. Extinguish the candle and pour the resulting oil gently over the skin to be massaged. The wax remains liquid, ensuring a lasting and pleasurable massage.

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